Decelerator Helmet: Enjoy the World in Slow Motion!

Tuesday, November 20th 2012. | Gadgets

German artist named Lorenz Potthast recently demonstrated her latest work called Decelerator Helmet, a helmet that enables the wearers to view the world in much slower pace. Indeed, it’s odd that such an invention is brought up to surface by an artist. But well, this is the reality.

Decelerator Helmet by Lorenz Potthast

Speaking of reality, Lorenz’s invention can literally slow it down in real time. Her helmet has a computerized system that provides wearers with slowed view. There are three main parts that support such a system: a camera, a small processing unit, and a head-mounted display. The reality which is captured by the camera is sent to the processing unit to be slowed down. It is then delivered to the display which is installed right in front of the user’s eyes. Outside the helmet is installed a decent size display which shows the slowed reality projected to the wearer’s eyes.

Coming with a remote control, users can control the speed with ease. In a glance, it works like a mouse with scroll. You scroll down to slow the reality and scroll up to get it back to normal. You can watch the video below to know how it works.

While Decelerator Helmet is indeed very innovative and original, you must not wear this upon crossing the street. The cars will not slow down even when you see them so. Best practice might be tagging it along when you’re about to watch a show that takes place in fast pace such as snowboard contest, Moto GP, or sort of stuff. By the way, there is no telling at the moment whether our German artist will make this stuff into the market. So, let’s cross our fingers for now because it will surely look awesome on our collection shelves of wicked gizmos.

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