Decompression Chair by Matali Crasset

Wednesday, October 24th 2012. | Household

If you have ever stumbled upon Matali Crasset’s official website where she showcases all of her designs, you’ll be annoyed for sure for seeing how cluttered the layout is. Thankfully, that’s only applied for her website. As for her works and designs, they’re all as good and innovative as she is.

Decompression Chair by Matali Crasset

Crasset’s Decompression Chair surfaced for the first time in 2000. At that time, we only saw a usual looking chair made of wood that has a strange backpack. However, the magic began when air was pushed in and the backpack started to inflate. All of a sudden the old and dull wooden chair was transformed into a stylish and modern looking armchair that looks very convenient to sit on, thanks to the massive padding.

The backpack material resembles those used in parachute. We just couldn’t stop being amazed for witnessing how small a backpack can be transformed into what looks like a superb padding for an armchair. Undeniably, the concept is genuine and as far as we concern Crasset has managed to combine that genuineness with style.

As a designer, Crasset is well known for her daring nature to experiment with wide range of stuff. And her works look rather weird and unusual. Back then in 1997, she designed a minimalist armchair called Capriccio di Ugo. The armrests of the chair could be flipped and turned over into trays where users can place his stuff on there.

However unusual Crasset and her works can be, we have to admit that all of her concepts are original. More importantly, she has proven that her designs are also conveniently functional, all thanks to her Decompression Chair. By the way, maybe you’re interested to see the Robotic Wheelchair developed by Chiba Institution of Technology as well.

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