DeltaMaker 3D Printer Features Three-Arm-Mounted Extruder

Friday, February 15th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Needless to say, 3D printing industry is flourishing today. Since the demand mostly comes from hobbyists, developers and engineers are more interested at creating desktop sized 3D printer rather than super bulky machine for advanced corporate. The latest one of such printer is DeltaMaker 3D Printer. Promising accurate printing which goes to 100 microns resolution, it doesn’t take long for this device to reach its funding goal of more than 100 grands at Kickstarter.

DeltaMaker 3D printer

The name Delta that it bears doesn’t emerge on a whim. It is used to give a credit to delta robots from which most the idea of DeltaMaker 3D Printer comes from. In case you’re wondering, delta robots were invented for the first time in Switzerland. It was actually like a machine with many arms which were used to help put many components on their place quickly. Similarly, this 3D printer features three mechanical arms which are stationed on the main three pillars to hold the extruder.

DeltaMaker An Elegant 3D Printer

This construction has its own advantages. For starter, it allows the printing process to run faster even if it works on 100 microns layers. Furthermore, since the arms keep moving upward to allow the print head to get on the successive layers, printing large objects become less challenging. Check out the video below!

Even though DeltaMaker 3D Printer is intended for occasional hobbyists, its planned retail price is kind of expensive ($1,999). However, if you make your preorder through Kickstarter, you might still have the chance to get it for $1,599. You can use the $400 to buy the filament so once it arrives at your doorstep, you can make your first 3D printed object right away. If you aim for more affordable printer, go for RoBo 3D printer.

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