Deo Perfume Candy : Edible Deodorant

Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Food & Beverage

Surprising every one with its absurd concept was Beneo, a U.S. based Food Company, when they introduced Deo Perfume Candy. Going from a rather traditional assumption that what we eat will actually affect the way how our body smells, the company makes a candy that can act as a deodorant. So, we’ve got an edible iPhone 5 case already and now we’ve got an edible candy. Anyone is starving?

Deo Perfume Candy

Collaborating with a Bulgarian confectioner, Deo is made and claimed to make your body smell good for up to six hours. The primary ingredient is Geranium. According to the press release, people at Beneo believe that it contains many antioxidants but more importantly, it carries natural fragrance which, if consumed as candy, the smell will seep out of your body pores.

Aside from Geranium, another substance that is largely incorporated in te making of Deo Perfume Candy is the Bulgarian roses. For your information, there is a valley in Bulgaria that hides some sort of special wild roses. Local people there use it to make various kinds of products, from common perfumes, up to an edible jam for their morning bread. So, if all this story turns out to be true, you will not only free from your odor problem but also smell like a rose angel coming out of Bulgarian valley.

Currently, the sweets are sold for $10 per bag which is quite expensive as opposed to regular deodorant. Though, we may be skeptical of its claim, data shows that the sale of Deo Perfume Candy is on the wild spike-up. So, have you guys given it a shot?

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