Desktop 3D Scanner Brings Your 3D Obsession to the Next Level

Saturday, February 16th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Here is the contraption you’re going to need to make your 3D printing hobby less challenging. This hobby is sure fun. You print an artistic object, put it on your desktop to watch over you while you’re working or show it off to the community to tell the members how cool your art is.

Desktop 3D Scanner by CADScan

The problem is it’s not very easy to make the model which is to be printed. You will need to master various kinds of CAD software and unless you aim to be a professional, instead of a hobbyist, this idea will not sound very appealing to you. If you’re willing to cough up a few more dollars, you can get some hand from the Desktop 3D Scanner.

Mostly, 3D scanner is enormous in size and not very friendly in pricing but the Desktop 3D scanner by CADScan is different. The project has shown up at Kickstarter and for minimum pledge of 699 pounds ($1,085), you can already have it sit on your desktop. As reference, NextEngine’s most famous 3D scanner cost about three times of that price. Check out CADScan spokesman introducing their Desktop 3D Scanner in the video below.

The first version of CADScan Desktop 3D Scanner can only scan small objects but worry not, because they have promised to make the product more competitive by squeezing up more features on days ahead. To complement this peripheral, I think DeltaMaker 3D printer sits the best. Get both of these contraptions on your desktop, and they will turn your workspace into a mini 3D printing factory.

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