Discolor Tyre Warns Drivers When to Change the Tires

Friday, December 28th 2012. | Transportation

Most motorists are lay people whose knowledge concerning their vehicle is little to none. This is including but not limited to when to change the tires. Depending on where the car is usually operated, a tire normally can stay functionally safe for 20,000km. Such a basic understanding over this aspect is often absent among motorists. Most of the time, they know when they should change them if their mechanics managed to figure it out during regular checking or if something bad happens down the road. To save you the trouble of dealing with such an issue, Gao Fenglin designs Discolor Tyre.

Discolor Tyre

The concept is pretty simple actually. You make a tire which is composed of two distinctive kinds of rubber in terms of color. The outer shell still utilizes the usual black rubber but the inner layer of the tire is composed of orange rubber. Overtime, the outer shell will be scrubbed thin until it eventually reveals the inner layer. You can easily find out when this happens when your tires turn into bright orange.

Discolor Tyre by Gao Fenglin

Discolor Tyre: Tyre Design for Safe

At this point, Discolor Tyre is still a concept. Fenglin doesn’t disclose any info about when it will step into production. It seems that he’s attempting to get his design recognized by major manufacturing company as it’s currently nominated for a ceratin design award in Germany. Compared to Energy Return Wheel (ERW) which sports a special hollow construction and doesn’t need air to function, Discolor Tyre seems like much more feasible concept to make into fruition. Anyhow, what do you guys say about it?

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