DIY Capacitive Touch Business Card by Jay Kickliter

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Say, how many times you receive a credit card from someone you think might be important in the future just to lose it on the other day? Countless, we suppose. Sadly, that also happens to your business card as well. You give it to people who you think might be interested with your business only to let them toss it away. No matter how professional your business card looks, it’s just a piece of paper that isn’t very likely to leave long lasting impression.

DIY Capacitive Touch Business Card by Jay Kickliter

Such a thought struck Jay Kickliter and he decided to make his own business card made of capacitive touchscreen, instead of simplified paper. Though it is not exactly the same with your smartphone touchscreen, you can bet that it will greatly boost your image before your prospective partners or customers. We’re not sure why everyone includes DIY in its tagline but it’s nice to see the tiny LEDs on the card light up in particular patterns every time the screen is touched. Watch the super short teaser video below!

While this business card really looks neat, its price might put most of you off. Mind you, each of this card costs $8 which is probably 40 times more expensive than common cards. In fact, Kickliter himself is still struggling to find a way how to reduce its production cost. Even though he has managed to make it cheaper than the previous model, having to shell out $800 in one shot just to get 100 pieces of such a card still does not seem very appealing to us. What about you?

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