DNA Fog Tags the Bad Guys without Them Knowing

Wednesday, June 19th 2013. | Security

I know most of my readers here are not some glamorous millionaires having a huge vault full of cash built into their house, but everyone has always got something valuable they don’t want anyone to steal, right? Unfortunately, bad guys are everywhere. They take anything without asking for permission from you first, leaving only irritated feeling on your end. With that regard, a team from Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS) is working on a development of a system that can help identify the burglars later without them knowing.


The idea is tagging the criminals with artificial DNA that cannot be flushed away for several days; the very same concept found in SelectDNA. However, instead of injecting the DNA into a special bullet, the system by ADNAS can be activated automatically and does not require any interference from anyone.

The team has managed to transform the DNA into a subtle fog and condensed it into a particular packaging with self-activation capability. The concept is pretty much the same with exploding dye packs banks have equipped their vault with. As soon as the bad guys take away the vault without proper procedure, the fog will be activated by itself, tagging anyone on site without them being aware of the situation.

Just like the artificial DNA molecules used in SelectDNA gun, the ones used in ADNAS DNA Fog are almost impossible to be wiped off using conventional method. To read the DNA tag, law enforcement member would have to conduct a procedure called amplifying. This process involves the use of polymerase which will react with the DNA molecules, making them visible to bare eyes. At the moment, ADNAS is working with a Danish company named SmokeCloak to bring DNA Fog to the market. [Discovery]

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