Donya’s QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard Fits Your Pocket Perfectly

Friday, November 23rd 2012. | Mobile Phones

Needless to say, there is a wide option for portable QWERTY keyboard for your mobile devices in the market. While most of them rely on Bluetooth for the connectivity, some models also utilize NFC chip for even simpler connection. The best looking one might be Elecom portable keyboard. But if there is one thing most of these keyboards have in common, it must be its bulky size.

Donya QWERTY keyboard

Looking at this loophole, Donya, a Japan-based company, released a QWERTY portable keyboard which is not larger than your palm hand. In fact, you can just fit it in the same pocket as your smartphone. So, if you have been struggling to type on touchscreen and don’t want to be bothered with bulky portable keyboard, this one might be a good alternative for you.

Donya QWERTY portable keyboard

Another feature that is worth highlighting from Donya’s QWERTY keyboard is the fact that it’s not only compatible with your smartphone or tablet but also your PC, Mac, even PS3. For PC and Mac, you may need a Bluetooth adapter first. Additionally, despite its compact size, Donya still manages to spare a small space to place a touchpad. This should make navigating at more ease.

Thankfully, the price seems to match very well with its size. For 2999 yen (or about $37), you won’t need too much consideration to fetch one for your own good. Still, the bad news is it looks like the device is only exclusive in Japan for the moment without clear telling whether it will make it to go overseas. So, that’s an additional fee for long shipment.

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