Doodle3D Converts Line Art Drawings into 3D Objects

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013. | Softwares

You can enjoy 3D printing only if you have a good grip on some modeling software like CAD or if you have an instant modeling device like Photon 3D Scanner in your disposal. But that is until genius like our Dutch friend Rick Companje makes Doodle3D that allows you to turn some of the most basic line art drawings into 3D objects. Like many people, Companje has a profound interest toward 3D printing but although he’s pretty much of a geek, he can’t use any modeling software.

Doodle3D A sketching tool for personal unique 3D prints

We’ve seen a device with similar goal at Kickstarter called 3Doodler but this one is different. Unlike the former, Doodle3D is more of a computer program than a device. The interface is pretty simple, reminding me to the old Microsoft Paint. To make their first 3D printed objects, users start by making some simple drawings on the main pane. From there, they can choose whether to keep the image flat or converts it into 3D model by giving it height and width. Once done, all it takes is tap on the “print” button. Check it out in the video below!

The software is loaded into a Wi-Fi box. This will not only save you from all the hassle in the installation process but also allows you to access it, regardless the platform you use. All you need to do is hooking the box with your 3D printer and then connect your device (smartphone, PC, or tablet) to the Wi-Fi. From there you should be able to access the program and start drawing. Since it is integrated with memory, you can even save your creation into the box itself. Right now, Companje and his team is doing their best to make his software compatible with many 3D printers. If you think it’s worth your ownership, be prepared with a pledge of $99.

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