Dream Vendor: 3D Printing Vending Machine by Virginia Tech

Tuesday, November 20th 2012. | Miscellaneous

On the look for wicked gizmos on the planet, we ran into an unusual vending machine called Dream Vendor. Developed by engineering students at Virginia Tech, this vending machine will not supply you with cold cola. Instead, it gives you 3D creations.

Dream Vendor: 3D printer vending machine by virginia tech

The reason why developers call it Dream Vendor is simply because it delivers your dream of sleek 3D art made of plastic. As long as you have the concept saved as digital file, the machine is capable of making it real. Be it a silhouette of particular action figure, an abstract object that you don’t even know what it is, a simple toy, plastic utility, you name it; all can be handled by this machine. Check out the video below; the machine is being briefly explained by the representative of the developers.

Previously, we have also discussed the fancy interactive vending machine by Pepsi Co. But no matter from where you see it, Dream Vendor is much more awesome, though it doesn’t sport a fancy large LCD screen or unnecessary internet connection.

While common vending machine requires a couple of pennies from your end, Dream Vendor only needs your SD card in which your concept is saved. After you insert it to the provided slot, the Makerbot will do its stuff, printing the object. Once the object is fully developed, it will be pushed to the supplied bin and you’re good to go.

Dream Vendor is being hype on the said university. It has been used by lots of students even when its age has hardly reached one month. So, have you got a cool 3D concept to print now?

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