Drive Suits Bring Transformers to Real

Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Fashion & Styles

Halloween might be a thing of the past at this point, but if you’re still interested to impress people with a weird costume, Drive Suits may look appealing to you. Created by Drew Beaumier, Drive Suits feature motorized drive boots that allow the wearer to move just like a vehicle, making him look like a character from Transformers. Sure, you won’t be as cool as Bumble Bee with this outfit, but it’s enough to make your little brother or nephew drool.

Drive Suits by Drew Beaumier

Right now, Drew has designed a number of Drive Suits including the VW Beetle, a red Camaro, and a couple of motorcycles. All of the drive boots are mounted around the knee, so you have to crouch in order to move. Do not expect that you would be able to run like a normal vehicle or faster than that. The drive boots can only get you to 12mph at max. Check out how the big biker guy shies away from Drew’s motorcycles in the video below!

The making of these suits is kind of complex, despite their ridiculous look. Mind you, Drew needs at least 50 hours to fully assemble all parts and make them into functional Transformers outfit. The process is completely done with hands and you can submit your own design to Drew if you find none of his vehicle suits is appealing. Currently, a complete Drive Suit that comes with the helmet, drive boots, charger, and battery belt is offered for $1800. It may sound like an expensive toy but when you understand what Drew has to go over to make it, you may change your mind.

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