Drop The Beat Is a Drum Kit Disguised into a Vest

Wednesday, April 24th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Wearable music instruments are not something new these days but it’s always interesting to see one comes up after another. Last year, we were introduced to Machina MiDi Controller Jacket. A year before that, we met the Drum Machine Shirt designed by ThinkGeek. And today, we’re welcome by Drop The Beat. Essentially, it is a set of drum pads which are disguised into a black vest. For untrained eyes, this wearable will look just like common bulletproof vest.

Drop The Beat : Vest With a Built-In Electronic Drum Kit

Designed by Wesley Chau, Drop The Beat is meant to help DJs and other electronic artists make their stage even livelier. The idea is that they have to dance and keep their body moving to arrange some catchy beat. Featuring only four neoprene drum pads, this thing is indeed inferior to Mike Portnoy’s full drum set. But on the good side of things, it makes everything way simpler. Each of those pads are tucked inside a removable pocket equipped with a velcro so that wearers can focus more on their performance rather than on the vest. Anyway, tap on the video below to watch Chau and his mate demoing the vest.

The design is not as sleek as Machina’s MiDi jacket but I can see that it’s actually work better. A piezo sensor which is sensitive to pressure is given to each of drum pad so that even the slightest movement can still produce a sound. To customize it even further, all you need is reprogramming the Arduino controller using PC software called Garageband.

It sounds pretty good until this point, right? But Chau is working on to make his “Drop The Beat” vest wireless. How can you move your body if your outfit is tethered to a laptop?

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