DropTag Tracks Your Packages so Delivery Guy Won’t Mess It Up

Thursday, February 14th 2013. | Mobile Phones

I’m not really sure how much those delivery guys working for FedEx, UPS, or other major delivery companies are paid. However, looking at how they work, I can assume the amount is not pleasantly satisfying. Say, how many times you receive your package wrecked? Not once, I believe. While we preserve the rights to not accept the package if it is delivered in a condition in which it’s not supposed to be, we often know it when the delivery man has gone. This is where DropTag comes into picture.

Droptag by Cambridge Consultants

On its core, it’s actually a very affordable small sensor that can keep tabs on your package and tell you if the delivery guy doesn’t behave very nicely with it. It doesn’t notify you right away, though, because its range of connectivity is limited to Bluetooth. It can only send the recorded data during the journey once it’s within 150 feet from your smartphone.


DropTag intended use Diagram

Not only can you be aware of any damage quickly but you can also use the data as a proof, should the delivery company refuse to cover your loss. The video below walks you over the demonstration of DropTag.

DropTag is developed by Cambridge Consultants but it has not been made available yet. According to the company’s manager, future version will allow consumers to track their packages real time, thanks to the GPS-enabled device any delivery guys won’t forget to carry. If you happen to be in Germany in the next April, you can watch it being showcased at the technology trade show.

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