DUO DIY 3D Sensor: Make Your Own Controller

Thursday, April 4th 2013. | Technology

Most of you must know an alternative controller for PC and other computing devices called Leap Motion. Although it’s still got a few months to go before it finally hits the street, its fame seems to outpace the manufacturing process. This may be partly because recent move made by NASA which decides to include its technology into its repertoire.

DUO 3D : The World's First DIY 3D Sensor

A few days ago, a campaign launched at Kickstarter presenting us with a device called DUO that functions almost exactly like Leap Motion. The 3D sensor allows you to navigate on your desktop without touching anything. You simply have to wave your hands on the air to manipulate the cursor. If there is one thing that makes it distinct from the former, it must be the fact that it appears as a DIY kit.

You heard it right. Now you get the chance to mess up with a technology used by the largest space research institution in the world. And since it comes unassembled, you don’t have to intend its main application as a 3D controller. According to Code Laboratories, the developer, DIY-ers can integrate the kit into other applications such as 3D mapping and of course gaming. atch the pitch video below!

Surprisingly, DUO 3D sensor is costlier than Leap Motion. The fully assembled model costs a pledge of $140, whereas Leap’s product can be preordered for $80. A discount of $30 will be given to backers who opt for the unassembled kit which is still more expensive than Motion. However, the fact that it’s entirely open-sourceseems quite reasonable to justify it. Are you getting it?

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