Dynamic Glass by View: Adjusts to Light Intensity Automatically

Monday, November 19th 2012. | Architecture

In the near future, you’ll be amazed to see Hotels in California have windows installed with glass that can automatically adjust itself to the sunshine outside. A new company named View has recently introduced such a glass to the public. It is made to be capable of changing its tint automatically in accordance with the incoming light intensity.

dynamic glass view

While the company didn’t tell exactly what technology is involved in the creation of its dynamic glass, they did tell us something about electrochromism. It’s a process where some particular material changes in color when it is given an electric charge. Mind you, there are at least seven layers needed in order for such process to work: one layer of electrolyte (core layer), two electrochromic layers, two layers of conducting oxide films, and two layers of glazing panes. No wonder, View’s dynamic glass is much thicker than ordinary glass.

The installation of such a smart glass does not only benefit the inhabitants for having more convenient outdoor view from the inside. This glass may also help preserve the energy as not only the light of the sunshine is filtered but also the heat. When heat is reduced, the energy used to empower artificial cooling device is reduced as well. Sure, house owners may end up consuming more power for the lighting but since energy used for air conditioner is much greater than lighting, energy preservation can still be promoted. Once you have this, you can forget about the expensive vertical blinds. You can still view the world outside but will never get annoyed by the glaring sunshine, SWEET!

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