Earonic : Put an Ear To Your Iphone Case

Tuesday, September 20th 2011. | Mobile Phones

Creative idea is always excited, especially if it is combined with a functionality. This context is so rellevant with the works of CollabCubed. we are all know if iPhone is now considered as a popular gadget, a lot of accecories created to improve the function and esthetic aspect for this Apple product, an innovative iphone case is regularly attract our attention.

Earonic Iphone Case

Back to collabcubed. this people put some extreme idea for our iphone case, they put an ear on it….! The idea is print an actual size ear image to the case of our iphone case. this concept just like chammeleonize our iphone to our ear. so creative. with this case, we just need to choose what kind of ear accessories we want to put on. The CollabCubed provide it on some different style such as : woman ear, man ear, ear with a bluetooth headset, even with the pierced ear. CollabCubed named this product as the EARonic iPhone cases, an EARefutably and EAResistible iphone case for you.

Earonic Iphone Case

It is interesting to know what other ear style will come up for next earronic release, but surely now you can order this product online at collabcubed website for $20. earronic now available on five different style of ear, and ready to boost up your iphone and style performance.

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