EaTheremine Musical Fork Casts a Spell to Get You Eat More

Friday, December 28th 2012. | Food & Beverage

Parents must know the pain for asking their kids to finish their meal off including the not-so-tasty beans and other veggies. Normally, they will resort to childish sweet talk to persuade them but experts in Japan seem to have different way of thinking. Instead of encouraging parents to have some soft soap during the meal time, they invent an eating utensil that can produce various sounds depending on the food.


EaTheremine Musical Fork

Dubbed as EaTheremine, a research group from Ochanomizu University expects that this specially built fork can save parents from all the trouble of giving persuasive push for their kids to take in the veggies. Since the sounds it produces are kind of fun, couples feeling that their relationship gets pretty boring lately can use it too. Good chuckles on dining time always work at getting your passion back. Watch the video belowto get to know exactly what EaTheremine Musical Fork can do.

The underlying principle of EaTheremine Musical Fork largely revolves around the fact that our body can induce electricity. That said, it doesn’t only sound off when you make a contact with it via your tongue but also through all of your body parts. However, provided that mouth is the wettest part of all, the resistance value resulting from our metabolic electrical activity should be higher than from other body parts. Thus, the sound it produces can turn out clear and fun.

Furthermore, such resistance value also depends on the food you bite. Theoretically, the more inconsistent the food structure, the more complicated the sounds will be. So, if you eat a chicken breast or medium steak for example, the fork might turn out babbling in Japanese like a magician about to cast a wicked spell. What do you guys reckon about EaTheremine Musical Fork, innovative or unnecessary?

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