EatWave Vending Machine Lets You Grab a Tasty Hot Sandwich on the Go

Thursday, November 8th 2012. | Food & Beverage

With EatWave Vending Machine officially released, now you can not only get a cold cola from your campus vending machine but also a nice hot sandwich. The company managed to invent a microwave that can be inserted on any vending machine, giving you a quick meal on lunch time.

Eatwave Vending Machine

Upon constructing the microwave, it is built on standard chassis. That means all existing vending machines can be easily made compatible with EatWave’s stuff but of course, the outer design will need to be repainted to represent the company’s profile.

According to EatWave’s CEO, Andrew Preston, its vending machine is somehow better than typical machines as it comprises of a smaller number of moving parts and components. That said, maintenance is kept at minimum and its cost can head back to the owners’ pocket. Moreover, it has also applied Precision Cooking Technology which allows for more precise cooking.

By the way, it also comes with an optional feature in the form of VENDCheck software. This is handy if you have lots of such a vending machine to manage. Using the inexpensive Ethernet connectivity, owners can monitor the data as well as current stockings of the machine remotely and at large numbers. The data transmission is done and stored in a secure SQL.

Price points starts at $12,000 which does look a bit steep. However, given that all college students are so dependent to vending machines, the investment will be paid over as time moves on. Just make sure you do not buy it just because you want to replace your old fridge and standalone microwave.

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