EcoBoomer iGo Strives on With Only One Wheel

Monday, May 20th 2013. | Transportation

Unless your daddy trained you to be an awesome Chinese circus player, I’m sure you’ll have trouble riding a one-wheeled vehicle. But that’s until some manufacturing companies introduce self-balancing electric unicycle as an alternative eco-friendly urban transportation. The latest of such companies is EcoBoomer which recently unveiled the iGo.

EcoBoomer iGo

Not only will it help you preserve the environment but it will also help you get some attention as people will think that you’re stealing your nephew’s toy. But seriously, this thing is small.Weighing in at no more than 57 pounds, you’ll look like a silly head giant when riding it. Still, it might suit you just well if you’re not much of a muscle guy.

Under the hood, EcoBoomer iGo is equipped with a gyroscope which is responsible of maintaining the vehicle’s balance. So, whether you sit a little more on the right or left, this thing will adjust the unicycle’s orientation for you. Pretty much like Segway, you move it forward by tilting your body to the handle bar. Braking is done by leaning yourself backward while turning only requires you to slightly bend to either side. Check out the demo on the video!

Powering the 500-watt motor is a Li-Ion battery with capacity of 8Ah. According to the company, EcoBoomer iGo needs at least three hours to completely recharge itself. One charge is claimed to be enough to cover a distance of 19 miles with top speed being 13mph. Although it doesn’t look like a tough guy at all, this unicycle can carry a load of 250 pounds at max. And the investment you have to afford is pretty high as well, which is $1,595. Are you getting it?

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