Eggxactly Takes the Pain Away of Your Egg-Boiling Routine

Tuesday, February 26th 2013. | Food & Beverage

A boiled egg might sound like a simple dish for quick breakfast, but believe me serving it can be quite a fuss. You need to boil some water first and then plunge the egg carefully, so it won’t break. Not to say that you have to monitor it to get the expected hardness. It’s all too much of a chore especially when you only boil a single egg. Now how do like to be able to deal with an egg with all those red tape? Well, now you can exactly do that with the help of a cool called Eggxactly.


Designed by a UK-based inventor named James Seddon, this tool is indeed unlucky to be named with such a silly nick. All the pun aside, Eggxactly can turn out to be a convenient solution to cook an egg. It cooks your egg without boiling it, meaning no water is needed. Simply put your egg in its container, adjust the setting using dial on top of the lid, and it will do the hard job for you. A beeping sound will be triggered once the egg has been done.

The secret sauce lies on its flexible heating elements which are made of silicone. They wrap the egg entirely, making sure that the heat is distributed evenly. Furthermore, since it’s flexible, it’s able to contain any kinds of eggs, regardless their sizes. Mind you, it takes at least 7 years to make Eggxactly works seamlessly. The main challenge lies on the making of the silicone heating elements. The retail price is set at 25 pounds or $39. You can contact the company for more info about the purchase.

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