Ego! Smartmouse Offers More Features Than You Even Need

Friday, March 1st 2013. | Computer & Accessories

“Nothing is what it seems”, that’s what wise men always say and you should believe it, at least when you run into this Ego! Smartmouse. It doesn’t look any special from the outside but in terms of features and capabilities, it’s going to overwhelm you with too much convenience.

Ego! Smartmouse by Laura Sapiens

For starter, it sports a gyroscope which gives it the 3D motion control capability, so you don’t have to find a smooth and flat surface to use it; air will do. That said, your gaming experience should get a boost as you can control your movement via gesture control. The built-in 2GB and 4GB memory allows you to use it as a handy wireless storage solution for you. Notification feature enables it to vibrate when you’ve got a new email or an appointment is waiting for your arrival. Lastly, it can also save your passwords for quick and easy authentication just like myIDkey.

The creator of Ego! Smartmouse is none other than Laura Sapiens, a design firm based in UK which has years of experience in engineering and industrial design. Since manufacturing needs considerable amount of cash, they decide to take the crowdfunding route. The video below is their pitch at Kickstarter.

A pledge of 70 pounds or $106 is necessary to secure this one for you but the team offers other options that include sweet extras, of course, with some more bucks. If it manages to hit the shelves, it’s going to compete with the wearable mouse Mycestro.

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