Elecom Portable Smartphone Keyboard

Wednesday, November 14th 2012. | Mobile Phones

The latest portable smartphone keyboard from Elecom officially launched a few days ago. Unlike its predecessor, this one utilizes Bluetooth instead of NFC chip to connect with users’ device. Moreover, we kind of think it looks cuter than the old model.

elecom collapsible keyboard bluetooth

The device is codenamed TK-FBP049E and it still features similar sliding mechanism. However, instead of offering an ample space in the middle for your smartphone to reside, it makes the folding covers into a nice stand to place your device on. Personally, we think it looks much better and more ergonomic. It somehow looks as if you worked with mini laptop.

elecom collapsible keyboard bluetooth white

The Elecom portable smartphone keyboard uses one piece of AAA battery. While we can’t figure out whether it is removable or not, the company claims that it would last for 8 months. Available in black and white, the price tag it bears is somehow ridiculous. For more than 14,500 Yen (about $180), you can get yourself a high-end smartphone that works completely fine without any keyboard. Of course, you will have to sign a new two-year contract with a respective carrier.

elecom collapsible keyboard bluetooth folded

Nevertheless, if you can’t find it easy to maneuver your finger typing on a touchscreen, this looks a very feasible alternative. Besides, you can have yet another cool accessory to show off your pals.

elecom collapsible keyboard bluetooth pouch

For years, Elecom has been well known for its quality accessory for mobile devices. Back then in August, the Japan-based company released the first NFC portable keyboard for Android smartphones. Though, the design is somehow more awkward than its Bluetooth counterpart, it offers more seamless connection.

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