Electree+ Is a Bonsai Tree That Functions as a Solar Charger

Friday, November 30th 2012. | Mobile Phones

The concept of solar charger that resembles a living plant is not surprisingly new in this age. We’ve seen some in the markets and they are nowhere to be special aside from the fact that they look quite intriguing and nice. Aiming to provide an alternative to typical device, Vivien Muller introduced the electree+. It’s an artificial bonsai tree which functions like a solar charger.

electree+ solar charger by vivien muller

The device features up to 27 units of solar panels tucked away on each end of the branches. Their position is completely adjustable, so you can change it either to improve the look or to make it better to harvest the solar energy. Electree+ has also got a built-in battery for temporary storage for the harvested energy. The capacity is claimed to be enough to charge your iPhone 5 up to nine times and your power-hungry iPad 2 twice. Check out the introductory video below!

The idea was born in 2008 actually, but some really inconvenient issues, Muller has just managed to have it manufactured right here in the United States. It enables him to observe carefully the manufacturing process, ensuring that it offers the best quality only. Electree+ can be ordered in custom.

electree+ electric bonsai tree solar charger

Normally, the connectivity only consists of two USB ports but if you do not mind paying more, you can ask for the Wi-Fi and NFC enabled version. That will give an access for a neat wireless charging. By the way, it requires up to 36 hours of direct sunbathing to get its 14,000mAh battery fully recharged. But if you’re short of time, it only needs 4 hours to get your handset’s juice back up. You can preorder the most basic unit of electree+ at Kickstarter for $199.

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