Electromagnetic Harvester Uses Any Insignificant Electromagnetic Fields to Generate Energy

Tuesday, February 12th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere but since their intensity is very small, we cannot sense their existence. This somehow makes electricians, in general, tend to think that they cannot be of any use. Lucky for Dennis Siegel to not follow this trend because recently he managed to complete his project called the Electromagnetic Harvester. In a nutshell, this handheld device is capable of harvesting electricity from any electromagnetic fields, regardless their intensity.

Electromagnetic Harvester by Dennis Siegel

This seems like the more advanced version of railroad energy harvester, capable of extracting energy from the vibration the trains make, only that it worksin much smaller scale. Like I have told you earlier, electromagnetic energy is usually too small to be of significant help. So, don’t be too surprised to know that our little buddy here needs a whole day long to recharge a mere AA battery.The video below shows you the Electromagnetic Harvester’s demonstration.

Using Siegel’s Electromagnetic Harvester is dead simple. Simply point it to any objects from which you want to draw in the electromagnetic energy (all objects including living things like us exude electromagnetic energy). There is a red LED that will turn on when it start harvesting. Now you can choose to hold the device to complete harvesting until you get bored or stick it to the object courtesy of a small magnet and leave it to do something else. Of course, the latter won’t work if you pick out living things as your EMF source.

Electromagnetic Harvester Device by Dennis Siegel

Electromagnetic Harvester

Electromagnetic Energy Harvester

So, what do you guys reckon? Cool? Awesome? Useless? Waste of time? Make sure you sound off below!

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