Email Guitar Allows You To Train Your Fingers While Also Compose An Email

Sunday, April 14th 2013. | Miscellaneous

There are those times when you can get really sick and tired of sitting in front of your desktop, doing your office documents. A quick jam with your old guitar might refresh your mind but you realize those documents won’t finish by themselves. If only you could make your guitar as an input peripheral to replace your keyboard… Wait! That’s possible. David Neevel recently showed off his DIY project called Email Guitar and it does exactly like you wish.

Email guitar by David Neevel

Things he hacked together to make his Email Guitar include an electric guitar, Roland GR-33 guitar synth, a few tiny electronic components, Arduino board, and of course, a long set of custom code. Neevel says that using it is as simple as hooking up the cable from the microcontroller to the USB port of your laptop. Once it’s in, your laptop is bound to recognize it as an external keyboard. Tap on the video below to watch Neevel demoing his uniquely novel Flying V.

There is quite some technical complexity in Email Guitar but in a nutshell, Neevel only connects the Arduino board to the relay board he made from scratch using some electronics. A PCB – taken out from an unused keyboard– is also plugged to the relay board to translate every note to specific keys. The key arrangement along the guitar neck does not really represent the famous QWERTY but at least it covers all the keys in regular keyboard. Now obviously, you will need an entire day to finish a document with it but again it’s only for fun that is mostly nonexistent in any frustrating cramped work spaces.

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