Embrace Plus Bracelets Blink When You’ve Got a Phone Call

Monday, February 25th 2013. | Fashion & Styles, Mobile Phones

If the Android-based Sony SmartWatch gets its noble title simply because it can notify you when a phone call is coming, than these Embrace Plus bracelets by Rudi Beijnen and Paul Hornikx deserve the same title too. Unlike other fashion accessories, these bracelets light up when someone’s dialing you or an email just got stuck in your inbox.

Embrace Plus Bracelets

For your reference, Hornikx is a former product engineer at Microsoft and he had been employed for eight years before he finally decided to carry on his career at VentureTech. So, it may be safe to consider that Embrace Plus bracelets are not just some flashy fancy Kickstarter campaign.

Embrace+ for Android and iPhone

Anyway, the bracelets are impregnated with optical fiber and that’s the sole cause why this thing can glow. The accompanying app allows you to set different colors for different notifications. For example, you want the bracelet to glow red when you’ve got a call and blue when you’ve got an SMS. To make it more versatile, you can even adjust how it should blinks and vibrates. Check out Beijnen and Hornikx showing off their innovation on the pitch video below.

So, how about that? Does it look neat enough for you? According to these Seattle friends of ours, the battery empowering the Embrace Plus bracelets can last up to 10 days. Once it’s completely depleted, all you need is 10-minute charging to get it back to function. Available in three sizes, you can get one for yourself along with a charging cable with a pledge of $49.

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