Energy Return Wheel (ERW) Lets You Have Flat Tire No More

Saturday, November 10th 2012. | Transportation

While some people became very obsessed to remove a vital part of bicycle (see bicymple, the chainless bike and Fliz Bike, the pedal-less bike), it’s nice to know that some others are more interested to improve it. Recently, Britek Tire and Rubber introduced the Energy Return Wheel (ERW) which is claimed to never get flat no matter how many punctures it has. In brief, Britek tells that since the tire does not have any air, it will never get flat.

ERW Airless Bicycle Tire

Unlike regular tire, the internal structure of Energy Return Wheel is different as it consists of a rubber layer supported by multiple rods. These rods are adjustable, meaning users are able to set up how hard or how soft they want the tire to be so that they can be more comfortable riding their bike. For extremely bumpy rocky path in the mountain, you can adjust it to soft so you’ll get very comfy cushioning there. For hot asphalt, you can set it to hard so you can run more effectively.

In the demo video, Britek combines the tire with 29-inch rim made of carbon fiber, making it as light as cotton. Well, it’s not that light, but it’s much lighter than regular rims, not to say that it’s more durable as well. Watch the video above! Britek has a plan to apply the same concept to make much larger tire for cars and truck. While it’s nice, there is still no telling when Britek will make it available for the mass.

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