Environment Friendly Roost Tree House Capsules Designed by Antony Gibbon

Friday, January 25th 2013. | Architecture

Tree house basically is a place to play for the kids. In this time, many people are interested to build tree house in their backyard for kids to play, but only few people who really want to build it in order to live inside.  One of creative and innovative designer that interested to build a Roost tree house that inspired from Lord of The Ring movie is Antony Gibbon. Here is the sample image of the Tree House:

Roost Tree House

Forest Home of the LOTR Elves Inspiration

The Roost tree house is so unique and modern. Inside the house, you will find practical, really functional, and individual spaces. Although it’s look like the forest home of the LOTR elves, the look of the three capsules are contemporary. With using sustainable material, this roost forest home looks like a way to engage the nature around the house.

Roost Tree House Capsules

Simple Three Capsules Tree House

To get to the Roost capsules, you need to climb using spiral stairs that hold a tree. Only a tree of three capsules has stairs that touch the ground. The stair case will lead to small living areas inside the tree house. The construction of the roost tree house will not harm the tree or prevents it from growing. Inside the pod-like tree house, you will find sleeping space and viewing platform at the roof of the tree house.

Roost Tree House Capsules by Antony Gibbon

At this platform, you can find channel to each tree of three Roost Tree House Capsules. Each of the capsules can hold two people. Antony Gibbon is also designer that specialized in lighting, furniture, and tree house design interior, visualization, and exterior. The Roost Tree House Capsules will be eventually built soon.

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