Epson Moverio Is Google Glass with Handheld Controller

Thursday, May 16th 2013. | Gadgets

The future is going to be pretty tough for Google Glass as even before it launches, the competition has been coming up from around the world. The latest contender is Epson Moverio. While it comes with a handheld controller, the aim is pretty much the same – offering consumers with head mounted display.

Epson Moverio

In terms of design, I must say that Google Glass prototype wins over this thing. While the latter looks nice and elegant – not to say futuristic as well – in its slim profile, Epson Moverio looks purely like glasses for the worst nerd out there. It sports a huge black frame along with all that square-ish glass. And from the look of it, I’m pretty sure to say that it’s heavy and will make your eyes tired in no time.

Powered by Android, Epson Moverio also has a built-in WiFi so you can download certain apps from Play Store to experience more fun. It also comes with a clip-on tilt which is handy in case the sun is to bright. And although removing it will result in rather washed-out visuals, you’ll be glad that it comes with qHD resolution which is better than other augmented display. Below is the promotional video!

The controller is at about the size of a matchbox and houses a spacious trackpad and a number of buttons. To my surprise, it’s not wireless. So, good luck managing the cords that may tangle as it flows down from your eyes. Aside from that, the battery life seems to be pretty good. Depending on the brightness you set, it might survive five hours of use without any charge.

With such specs, it’s normal that Epson sells it for much lower price than Google Glass. To be specific, you can grab Epson Moverio for $700; about $600 less than Google’s stuff.

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