Eye Movements Passwords, New Advancement On Security Technology

Monday, October 15th 2012. | Internet & Web

A group of scientists in Texas, United States, is developing a new technology to better improve security on private data saved in certain digital storage. The technology is called Eye Movements Password. With this, it is expected that the security provided by existing iris scanner can be reinforced and advanced to different level. Thus, the previous loophole can be mended for good.

Eye movements passwords

The idea behind the development of Eye Movement Passwords is the fact that every person has their own way of perceiving an object. Their eye movements are always different to each other even when they are required to stare at the same target. In other words, there are no two persons or more that share the same eye movements, regardless the fact that they are identical or they look at identical objects.

Iris scanner works almost similarly to this. However, it has been found that advanced and skillful hackers can manipulate and trick the smart tool using high-quality printout of one’s iris. According to Komogortsev, the leading figure behind the Eye Movement Passwords, point out that once it’s established, it will work hand-in-hand with iris scanner, eliminating all loopholes from which advanced crooks can make his way through.

Firstly, the iris scanner will measure the fixations people make the first time they stare a certain spot on the screen. Next, the Eye Movement tracker will observe the way people flicker their eyes when staring the said spot. Still, this technology is far from being ready to use. It may take years of development before it comes to fruition.

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