Eye Stick Is a Cane for the Blind Styled like Light Saber

Friday, January 18th 2013. | Miscellaneous

What do you think you’ll do if you have a cool Light Saber just like the one used by all space warriors you see in Star Wars? For me, I’m obviously going to take it down the street and show it off to my geeky buddies. Unfortunately, it’s not more than a brain child of some sci-fi movie creator. Recently, however, creative designer, Kim Tae-Jin, introduced a concept device that looks almost exactly like Light Saber. Still, instead of impregnating it with destructive power, Tae-Jin’s Eye Stick is designated to assist blind people.

Eye Stick Concept by Kim Tae-Jin

According to Tae-Jin, our visually impaired friends have already had to live in so many inconveniences. Thus, it just doesn’t feel right for him to see them using traditional cane which is not only awkward to carry around but also can be rendered useless in certain situations like in heavy rain; not to say that it may disturb other pedestrians. So, he designs the Eye Stick which replaces the physical cane extension with projected light.

Eye Stick by Kim Tae-Jin

The device itself is not larger than common flashlight. It comes with a Bluetooth-enabled earphone as well as an integrated camera. As soon as Eye Stick is switched on, the ray will be projected and the ultrasonic system will be activated. It will start scanning your surroundings. If it catches an obstacle ahead of you, it’ll measure the distance accurately and tell you via the built-in vibrator as well as the accompanying earphone.

Eye Stick Modern Cane by Kim Tae-Jin

Eye Stick Modern Cane For Blind People by Kim Tae-Jin

On top of that, the integrated camera is also handy for scanning objects like books, money, or other goods displayed at supermarket. Users only need to point it to the object and Eye Stick will deliver the info via the earphone. Tae-Jin has won a Red Dot award in Best Design Concept category, thanks to this Saber-styled Eye Stick.

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