Eyeplus Gives You Enchanting View on Your Static Window

Friday, April 12th 2013. | Around The Home

As the world is getting older, its beauty fades further to nothingness. This becomes far more apparent in urban areas and some of the busiest cities in the world. If you live in such neighborhood, what you will see through your window is nothing but unsightly view of polluted buildings that won’t do any good but make your eyes sore. Overtime, this situation will definitely affect your productivity. To prevent it from happening, you need some delighting stuff like Eye+.

Eyeplus Scenic Digital Windows

Designed by an Italian company, Eye+ aims to alter the boring views on which your eyes are commonly exposed through the window using a 46-inch LED LCD HDTV. On this huge display, a special video touting some of the most scenic spots in the worldwill be streamed. What sets it apart from regular TV is its optical sensors equipped around the bezel. They are intended to track your eyes so as you move to get a different perspective toward the view, the video will be accordingly suited. Needless to say, it can also be used as TV. It’s really exciting and you can watch the demo on the video below.

All the video files are stored in a USB thumb drive and while it’s not explained on its respective website, I’m sure they’re played in a loop. Swapping videos is made easy via iOS or Android app which, until now, is sadly unavailable yet. There is no telling about how much it’ll set your back or whether you’ll have any chance to snatch it stateside because as the company says, Eye+ is only compatible with European DVB-T/C broadcast tuners instead of ATSC like we have in US.

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