F1 Race Car Simulator Gives You the Thrill without the Danger

Saturday, May 11th 2013. | Toys & Games

I believe most of us are more than eager to feel the thrill of sitting behind a wheel of an F1 race car accelerating at more than 300mph. It’s ether that we don’t have the resource or that we don’t have the courage to steer the fastest land jet that prevents us from experiencing such a pleasure. If your problem is the latter, you might want to take a look at this F1 Race Car Simulator.

F1 Racing Simulator

As its name implies, this thing will bring you down to the hot asphalt while also allowing you to figure out how strong the winds can be when you’re moving at a neck-breaking speed without the need of submitting yourself to the potential grave danger. Interestingly, while it’s only a simulator, it’s built to be the exact imitation of a real F1 Race Car. You heard me right! The maker, FMCG International equips it with real F1 tires and its brakes as well.

F1 Race Car Simulator

The perspective is supplied by three units of 23-inch LCDs while the typical buzzing sound of an open-wheeler comes out of a 5.1 sound system. Of course, along with such luxury comes a custom-built super computer that runs all the visualizations. If there is something missing from this F1 Race Car Simulator, it might be the hydraulic actuators. So, while you can see a bunch of visual objects zooming past at incredibly high speed, you won’t feel any vibration that can make your butt wet.

F1 Full Size Racing Car Simulator

Depending on your preferences, that can be an advantage or shortcoming but one thing is sure, this F1 Race Car Simulator isn’t cheap. You have to fork a handsome amount of $120,000 to drive it under your roof. I don’t know about you but if I had that amount of cash, I would definitely go for a sexy Lamborghini.

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