Filastruder Gives You Plastic Filament for Cheap

Wednesday, April 24th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Your 3D printer that costs more than 2,000 bucks won’t do you any good unless you have enough plastic filaments to print your 3D models. Unfortunately, these filaments are not cheap. Worse, they run out very quickly. To help many 3D printing enthusiasts get around such issue, Tim Elmore and friends decided to build Filastruder, a filament maker. Like us, Elmore is also a 3D printing hobbyist but he got frustrated for knowing that the “ink” he needs to print the objects run out before he has enough fun with the printer.

Filastruder : A Cheaper Alternative for 3D Printer Materials

Obviously, it is not the first filament maker in the market but it seems that it’s a pretty solid device, if its successful Kickstarter campaign is any indicator. Mind you, this thing can draw in enough people to help it reach the funding goal of $5,000 in just an hour. Until now, the campaign has raised more than $200,000 and is still counting. Check out the developer’s pitch in the video below!

Different from its competition such as Filabot, it cannot recycle any plastic objects into filament. Instead,Filastruder only makes use of cheap plastic pellets to produce filament. The output appears as a long plastic thread users can spool for easy storage. The width of each thread can also be set to 1.75mm or 3mm. During the process, a particular color agent can be added into the machine so your filament won’t turn out plain white.

Unfortunately, Elmore has already had enough backers for his project so there is no way at the moment you can preorder it. You can, however, shoot a quick email to be included in his waitlist. You’ll be the first to be reminded once he and his team is ready for the next manufacturing.

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