First 84-inch LCD Interactive Whiteboard by LG

Sunday, October 21st 2012. | Household

LG has stolen our attention again by deciding to manufacture the world’s first 84-inch LCD Interactive Whiteboard. With this, lots of good things are expected in regards to significant progress on the teaching environment. The most obvious one is that the knowledge transfer from teachers to students can be better facilitated since the lesson will certainly run more interactively.

LCD Interactive Whiteboard

LG just unveiled world’s first 84-inch LCD Interactive Whiteboard. It’s as large as traditional whiteboard and 8 times better than common projectors!

In a glance, the 84-inch LCD Interactive Whiteboard bears no difference from the traditional whiteboard, except of course it is made of thousands electric components. The exact dimensional measures are 1.9 x 1.1 meters. Unlike data projectors, LG’s LCD packs a whole lot more brightness. At 350 nit, there is no longer need to darken the environment only to make the display look contrast from the surrounding walls. More importantly, it can produce images whose quality is 8 times better that those of projectors.

Sure, the LCD has support for multi-touch operation; otherwise, it won’t be called interactive whiteboard. Film Patterned Retarder 3D technology may be included into the bundle if the educational institutions file a request for it to LG Display. It sounds like a customized order but we’re not certain if there is an additional fee for that. Lastly, teachers are expected to be at more ease while teaching since they will not be interrupted by silhouettes or sort of things.

We can’t yet tell how much the LCD will cost but certainly, it’s not going to be a budget electronic. Asian market will have the privilege of offering the LCD earlier for it is geared to hit the U.S. and European markets on the second quarter of next year. Do you think it can be combined with PredictGaze?

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