First Lego Wheelchair That Can Carry A Real Person

Wednesday, October 17th 2012. | Toys & Games

It is Simon Burfield that managed to create the first Lego wheelchair that is not only amazing but also functional. These building blocks masterpiece can practically carry a passenger. However, the weight that is tolerable by the prototype is limited to 198 pound. So, unless you’re an overwhelmingly overweight person, you can still sit down peacefully on it.

Lego Wheelchair

Burfield himself is an iOS programmer genius and mad Lego scientist. He is so excited about arranging building blocks into something unusually magnificent. This Lego wheelchair itself is only one of his remarkable works. With only 12 Lego NXT motors together with 12 multi-directional wheels, he made the first rideable Lego wheelchair.

More importantly, the wheelchair movement is controlled via a simple joystick. Though it moves rather slowly, at least it does not break into pieces when someone sits on it. Now this should motivate you guys, who have the same ambition with building blocks. If Burfield can transform his ambition into a fully functional prototype, why can’t you?

We have no idea what Burfield is going to do with his Lego wheelchair, though it’s not likely he’s got lots of options to choose in regards to it. But obviously, this is one fine inspiring piece of DIY stuff that may mark the beginning of era where building blocks prototype can actually function like tools made of firm steel.

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