FitWet Transforms Jacuzzi into an Exercise Bike

Saturday, October 20th 2012. | Beauty

Another fancy exercise tool introduced lately is FitWet, a concept exercise bike which is combined with what works like a hot tub. This adds even more variations in some strange looking exercise tools that you may be interested to.

FitWet Transforms Jacuzzi into an Exercise Bike

Previously, we’ve informed you about Bicymple, a simplified bicycle whose designer decides to remove the chain and replace it with some sort of hub on the rear wheel. We’re not sure what the designers of these tools really aim to achieve but clearly, working out using either of these two is not very convenient.

As for FitWet itself, the designer claims that the presence of water that wraps around the pedal is expected to add more resistance to the user, enabling him to burn more calories as he needs to exert more effort. Specifically, the exercise intensity it can provide users with is up to 12 times heavier compared to regular exercise bike. This sounds pretty legit but as soon as we listened to the follow-up marketing line, we began to doubt it.

We have embedded the official advertisement below, in case you’re curious like we were. There it is explained that the water jets installed around the area where you place your bottomcan gush out water. This is claimed to be useful to burn the fat that accumulates on that part of your body, shaping it back to the way it used to be when you’re on your 20s. Yet, we personally think that it’s a total gimmick that does no good but only shooting out purposeless water to your thighs.

Probably the most potential buyers of this tool is those super wealthy folks out there who are short of ideas how to spend their cash. While as for us, this is no more but an expensive eye candy.

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