Flash Communicator Converts Your Voice into Series of Light of Morse Codes

Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Miscellaneous

There are times when your smartphones or any means of communication become utterly useless. Where you’re in this situation, there is no other way to reach the outer world using things like Morse code to send an SOS. There is one problem, though, that is unless you’re a navy soldier or a devoted boy scout, you won’t understand how-to.

Flash Communicator by Kim Minsoon

Thanks to designer Kim Minsoon, sending an SOS signal using Morse code is as easy as pushing a button of a flashlight. Called the Flash Communicator, the device has a built-in visible light communication (VLC) transmitter which acts pretty much like Morse translator. It may not be as complex and fun as smart apps with integrated voice recognition program like Google Now or Apple’s Siri. However, it could be very useful when you can’t simply resort to your smartphone.

Flash Communicator

On a glance, there is nothing very special about the Flash Communicator as it looks just like an ordinary flashlight. However, it does have one button which if you press will activate the aforementioned VLC. From there, all you need to do is speak from the integrated microphone and the transmitter will convert it to light code. Even more helpful, it can work vice versa, meaning it can also translate light code to voice.

Flash Communicator : Translates Voice to Morse code

Minsoon’s Flash Communicator has won Red Dot design award in 2012. He expects that his invention would be placed in big buildings or any kind of public places. Thus, when a disaster like, earthquake, strikes it could make it easier for the rescuer to spot the missing ones

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