FlipSide Case Takes Phone-Based Gamepad to the Next Level

Thursday, December 27th 2012. | Mobile Phones

While playing game on a touchscreen device is not very enjoyable, using a controller from some third party developer doesn’t seem to solve the issue entirely. So far, such a controller takes form in either a phone case or a discrete gamepad but one thing is similar from them both, which is that they’re quite bulky. This is what FlipSide Case aims to put an end for good.

flipside case

In collaboration with iDevices, Justice Frangipane and his team are developing an iPhone case featuring an integrated gamepad that is concealed at the back. This way, users are expected to retain the same experience when using their handset for basic purposes like sending text message, checking email, and others. As they’re ready to roll, they can simply flip the case to reveal the controllers. Check out the working prototype touted by Frangipane’s in the video below!

Now if you think that is cool enough, wait until you know that FlipSide Case is completely independent in terms of the power source. Sporting a highly sensitive solar cell, it can even harvest a tiny amount of energy from a fairly bright indoor lightning. In order to retain its thinness, it uses a thin film battery manufactured by Infinite Power Solutions, instead of regular LiPo battery.

On its official Kickstarter page, Frangipane clearly states that it’s made solely for iPhone. Still, he does notify us that once it reaches the funding goal, he will consider making the Android version. Besides, FlipSide Case runs entirely on Bluetooth 4.0, so there won’t be much of a difficulty, we suppose, to port the system to adapt on the green robot’s environment. Has anyone pledged already?

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