FlipType iPhone Case Provides Tactility to the On-Screen Keyboard

Monday, November 26th 2012. | Mobile Phones

NOS Design recently introduced the FlipType iPhone case which looks nice in transparent suit. Its focal point is not made on its beauty, though. Instead, the designer wants you to focus on its functionality at providing tactility to the on-screen keyboard on your iPhone. It’s expected that with keyboard that is tactile, you can type way lot faster on your touchscreen device.

fliptype keyboard iphone case

No one denies that it is frustratingly difficult to type on a touchscreen, especially when you’re new to such a device. Some third party developers create a portable keyboard. The latest we shared here is the compact one by Donya which looks very nice in white finish. But to make things even more practical, NOS Design understand that they just need to aim to improve the on board feature of the handset.

fliptype keyboard iphone case by NOS

The tactile keyboard layer is concealed at the back of the case and it’s secured using magnetic mechanism. The material used is translucent PVC which won’t interrupt the visibility of the on-screen keys. You can watch the video below to get the idea of this case.

As usual, though, with the advantage comes also some shortcoming.First, it only works in portrait mode. We guess it’s not a very big issue since most of us use such a mode when typing, though it must be nice if the functionality goes along the way in landscape mode too. Next, we do not think that FlipType iPhone Case provides any protection against external force that may be harmful for your handset. If only the NOS Design had cooperated with iBattz in the making of their power cases.

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