Fliz Bike Is a Pedal-less Bicycle

Monday, November 5th 2012. | Transportation

So, we know how bicymple, the chainless bicycle works. Yet today, we have discovered a new creative obsession that urges an engineer dude to invent a bicycle without pedal. Dubbed as Fliz Bike, the pedal-less bike is spotted in Germany with local guy who has to run in order for the bike to move. Check out the video at the end of the article to understand what we’re talking about.

Fliz Bike : Bicycle Without Pedal

The Fliz Bike somehow reminds us to an over 200 years old invention called Laufmaschine by Baron Karl. It looked like a bicycle too except the absence of any pedals. While Baron’s invention has the rider sit on the fame, the Fliz Bike requires the rider to hang himself on the frame using a harness.

Fliz Bike

In order to make it light yet durable, the frame is constructed out of glass and carbon fiber laminate. If your height is less than 1.85 meters, you might not be too comfortable upon using it since the frame seems pretty tall. The harnessing system makes use of five-point locks. So, while it’s secure enough, it does not require lots of steps to release the riders from the frame.

According to the designer, his Fliz Bike can provide users with the comfortable experience of running and cycling. Seriously, to us, the users look more just like running instead of biking but well, we guess it’s only a matter of perception. What do you say guys? If this thing was up for sale, would you like to get one for yourself? It’s probably a fun too to come out, jogging with this pedal-less bike.

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