Flower Power by Parrot Replaces Green Thumbs

Friday, January 11th 2013. | Miscellaneous

The reason why many people shy away from gardening is because they think they don’t have any green thumbs. Honestly, we used to think that it was true. No matter how hard we tried, we could never keep a plant alive for more than two months. Most of the time, the plants went withered and eventually faded to black. But that’s until we ran into Flower Power, a gadget all gardeners will fall into.

Flower Power by Parrot

Designed by Parrot, Flower Power materializes itself in a Bluetooth-enabled wood-like fork with sensors that can keep tabs on your precious plants. The device in question is making its debut at CES now, so in case you’re curious to get a hands-on with this, head on to Vegas now.

Along with the Flower Power is a smartphone app from which the alert will be sent to you. You’ll see this alert when the sensors think that it’s time for you to water your plant. The app also presents you with a handful of other information such as whether your plants get enough sunshine or whether the temperature gets too cold or too hot for them to grow healthily. Check out its promo video below!

By the way, the app won’t work before you specify what plants you are monitoring, so it’s important for you to know what is actually growing on that nice little pot of yours. Also, provided that it’s still relatively new, the database is probably not too large at the moment, thus, it may not recognize a number of plants. But overtime, this should be updated by Parrot. Lastly, there is  word regarding when and how much it’ll cost once it hits the market.

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