Flyboard by Jurmol Yao Redefines Extreme Water Sport

Friday, December 14th 2012. | Sports

Do you think jet skiing makes you look tough and cool for people think that it’s one of the extreme water sports? Well, the answer is yes for now but as soon as Flyboard by Jurmol Yao makes it into production, all left with you is jealousy. This thing is so cool it can make you look like Iron man gushing out of the blue ocean.

Flyboard Concept by Jurmol Yao

On paper, Flyboard sounds more like a combination between snowboarding boots and jet ski. So, instead of sitting on a nice comfy saddle, you will stand tall when you move forward, splintering waves and creating some fun splash on the girls. Sporting a jet turbine, the way it works is pretty much the same with jet ski.

Flyboard by Jurmol Yao

The designer notifies that after 20 minutes of gathering power, it’ll be more than capable of driving you downward, deep into the see like a dolphin. If you’re not much into fast diving, you may want to experience how it feels to fly out of the water using water-powered jet. Most importantly, Yao promises that it’ll come with a controller featuring a switch to activate its true beast mode.

Flyboard Watersports Concept by Jurmol Yao

Sadly, Flyboard is not more than just a concept right now. Worse, Yao doesn’t detail or even say about any plan to gather the crowds to fund its production. So, all we can do now is crossing our fingers. Now, if hoping is not just your stuff, you may want to check out another fun toy for adrenaline addicts. It’s called the Quadski and it’s a blend of rough ATV and powerful jet ski.

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