Flying Electric Bicycle Lets You Float Like a Butterfly

Monday, June 17th 2013. | Transportation

We might not be able to see Terrafugia the Flying Car take off the ground before 2050 but if it is flying bicycle that you want, Czech engineers have something neat up their sleeves for you. Famous with its unofficial name, Flying Electric Bicycle, the Frankenstein-inspired vehicle was showcased in Prague a couple of days ago. It did manage to hover a few inches from the ground but the audience was far from feeling any creeps because the rider is a dummy doll.

Flying Electric Bicycle

According to the engineers, who represent three different companies, the machine at the moment is still lack of enough power to take on real human body weight. So, to show spectators that it really can fly, they put up a dummy doll together with its helmet.

Sporting four propeller pods – all of which run on a battery power – the Flying Electric Bicycle weighs in at 209-pound. Also, good luck finding a space in the parking lot because this thing awkwardly huge for any empty space. Controlled by a remote control, the bike managed to hover on the air for about five minutes. Not to say that it also successfully deafened everyone inside what seems to be a hangar. Yes, this monstrosity is utterly loud. Check it out in the video below!

In addition to devising some more powerful electric propellers, what’s left for the developers to do is reducing its size, slimming down the production cost, and adding a few more safety modules. Otherwise, their Flying Electric Bicycle is only good for display at the museum. What say you?

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