Food Finish : Turn Everything Into Gold When You Spray it

Thursday, October 27th 2011. | Food & Beverage

Food Finish : Turn Everything Into Gold When You Spray itThis is not myth of “The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs”, but this is reality. With Food Finish you can turn ordinary eggs into a golden egg. not only the eggs, you can turns anything into gold when you spray it, including chicken, apple, cookies and so on (well at least the color). you can see the image below for more details.

Food Finish : Coloring Your FoodFood Finish : Edible Spray Painted FoodFood Finish SprayFood Finish is the world’s first food coloring in a spray cans developed by The Deli Garage and a small food factory, which supplies high-quality fine pastry shops with food coloring. if you ask, whether the food is sprayed with Food Finish safe to eat? the answer is yes, because according to The Deli Garage, Food Finish is certified edible and tasteless.

Food Finish - The Deli GarageAvailable in four colors: gold, red, blue and silver, each of them have colors such as chrome, and sells for € 24.80 or about $ 34 for single can. Unfortunately, for now Food Finish can’t be shipped outside Germany such as US, this is caused by strict export-limitations (The Food Finish is, as every aerosol-cans, the dangerous goods for shipping)


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