Fresh Vending Machines : Provide A Quick And Healthy Snack

Tuesday, September 6th 2011. | Food & Beverage

In case you frequent a vending machine in class or work you’ve most likely learned to silence that little voice inside suggesting you’ll uncover a lot more healthy snack options. But at the same time, there’s anything boring when in comparison to some vending machine full of fresh fruits and veggies. So a San Diego-based vending snack company has produce a enjoyable compromise. Their ‘Fresh Healthy Vending’ machines remain full of snacks like snacks, chips, crackers and juices, but they’re all from companies who use organic or all-natural elements. Essentially, they offer a much more healthy method to handle munchies.

Fresh Vending Machine

The machines might contain snacks from over 500 recognized brands, which regularly lean towards products like granola bars, shakes, yogurts, etc. rather than sweets and chocolate. They’re furthermore just a little in regards to the high-tech side, with dual zone conditions to keep dairy based items fresh, payment systems that accept credit plus an atm card in addition to coins and bills, additionally to remote wireless monitoring of stock and clients. Since organic as well as many other healthy snacks frequently tend to be pricey than your typical vending machine fare, For me the Fresh machines face some lots of competition employing their incumbent rivals. But maybe snack guilt can offer them a substantial advantage.

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