FreshPaper Keeps Your Organic Produce Fresh for Long

Tuesday, November 27th 2012. | Food & Beverage

How many times do you spend your money to buy some expensive organic produce you wish to enjoy, only to find it molds and develop nasty white fungal layers on it? The point is eating organic foods is not easy. Not only are they expensive but they mold easily, even when you have stored them in a high-tech refrigerator that claims to significantly reduce the exposure on disadvantageous bacteria.

freshpaper by fenugreen

Aiming to solve such a common problem, Kavita Shukla invents what she calls as FreshPaper. Unlike ordinary paper, it has been infused with several ingredients that make it capable of helping keep your organic produce fresh for cinderably long time. In fact, Shukla herself has conducted some simple experiment with her product and discovered that any fruits and veggies that she stored along with FreshPaper last two to four times longer.

FreshPaper Raspberry

So how it works? It’s completely no brainer. You just need to place a sheet of FreshPaper in your fridge drawer where you store your fruits and other veggies. That’s it. You will know that it actually functions when you smell some scent that reminds you to maple. You don’t even need to wrap the foods with the paper and you can use it to any food container aside from your fridge.

FreshPaper Keeps Fruits and Vegetables Fresher, Longer

Honestly, it’s not the first time we see such a product in the market but after reading several sources, we know that it has something that. First, the ingredients infused to the paper are totally organic and edible. It has no plastic, charcoal, or things you do not want to deal with. Even the paper itself is biodegradable. So, we guess it’s pretty worth it. If you’d like to give it a shot, you can buy a pack of FreshPaper, which contains 8 sheets, for $4.

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