Fuel Emergency Charger Is Small Enough To Fit Your Keychain

Monday, April 1st 2013. | Mobile Phones

What a high-end smartphone like iPhone 5 and Galaxy S IV can’t do? If there is one, the answer must be that it can’t stay too far away from a wall outlet. With powerful processor and monstrous graphic chip under the hood, those premium handsets hardly survive a day without a charge. This can be somehow irritating but thanks to some third party companies like Devotec Industries, you can stay out of trouble. Recently, the said company released Fuel, the smallest portable charger you can find on the planet.

Fuel Emergency Charger

Measuring in at 1-inch high and half an inch thick, you can even hang it along with other stuff on your keychain. The built-in 220mAh battery is claimed to give you 20-30 minutes of talk time. It’s notlong, indeed, but again you have the advantage of being entirely independent from the luxury of wall outlet. Besides, Fuel isn’t intended to replace your primary charger; otherwise, Devotec won’t bother putting “emergency” on the product’s tag line. It’s live at Kickstarter now and so far the feedback seems pretty good. Check out the pitch video below!

Using Fuel emergency charger can’t be simpler than just plugging it into your device via the microUSB port. Granted, only Android devices are compatible with it. As for you, iPhone users, you need to get yourself an adapter. Once you’ve exhausted its juice, you can recharge it easily through the integrated microUSB slot. According to Devotec, this thing can keep electricity up to three months but in case something goes wrong, the company recommends that you charge it at least once a month. Sold already? Get to Kickstarter with a pledge of $20!

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