Fujitsu GPS Cane Aims to Guide Senior to the Right Path

Monday, March 4th 2013. | Miscellaneous

When does a walking stick become an object of wonder in modern technology? When it is infused by a GPS along with a host of advanced sensors just like what Fujitsu has done to its new generation cane. Unveiled for the first time at MWC 2013, Fujitsu GPS Cane aims to help senior citizens find the right way to home while also keeping tabs on their vital signs as they’re out for some walks.

fujitsu next generation cane gps walking stick

The navigational feature includes a GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To take the advantage out of it, first someone must set up the route on a PC or laptop. This could be the senior’s relatives or care taker, or even the senior himself. Now as the user walks out of the building with this cane in hand, of course, he’ll be directed to the set up route. There is a nice and easy to read dotted screen on the handle that will displays the direction. If the user steps out of the intended route, the screen will change to red, alarming him to get back to the right path.

Fujitsu GPS Cane

On the other end, the care takers or relatives of the elder can monitor how far he has progressed. This info is displayed on the desktop screen along with measurement regarding the humidity and temperature. Now if you find an area is too hot for your say, gramps, to walk through, you can easily change the route without him realizing.

The handle is also built in with heartbeat sensor. Additionally, there is also a step counter that watches how many times the stick is tap on the ground. Currently, Fujitsu GPS Cane is only a prototype and the company refused to detail when it’ll be available for public.

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